Man Lovingly Reads a Book to a Captivated Tortoise

Ryan Phillips, the founder of the Life With Pigs Farm Sanctuary in Williamsburg, Virginia and a talented musician who serenades rescued cows, sat down next to a gorgeous Sulcata tortoise named Sam and lovingly read to him a colorfully illustrated Halloween children’s book by Sandra Boynton. Sam seemed to be captivated by the story time in his own amphibian way.

Why would I not read to Sam? He really enjoys interacting and knowing we are around. So, reading him a story with bright colored pictures by Sandra Boynton only makes sense. And I don’t know about you, but I think he loved it. He was enthralled until the very end. 

Phillips stated that he never understood why people consider reptiles and amphibians to be uninterested in human interaction.

“Reptiles and Amphibians will not bond with people and you should expect them not to be too interactive or care that you exist.” I read several websites saying exactly this and many specifically about Sulcata tortoises. I’d love to know what Sam is doing if not interacting with us and caring we exist.

He further explains that he approaches each animal on his farm as they are.

I think the problem humans often suffer is from the belief that our way of interacting or engaging others is the only way. And I believe if we are just open to whatever each animal is trying to tell us and be willing to open our hearts and minds to new ways of connecting we will a whole world exists that we’ve been blind to our whole lives. Sam doesn’t have to be my pal in the way I’m used to with humans, dogs, or even cows. We will form our own type of connection and bond.