Man Plays Covers of 1980s Songs to Rescued Cows

Ryan Phillips, the founder of the Life With Pigs Farm Sanctuary in Williamsburg, Virginia, performs acoustic covers of 1980s songs to rescued cow Jenna. The beautiful bovine seems to really love Phillips and the music he makes for her. In fact, she keeps coming back for encores.

Just singing Jenna a classic from the 80s!

Another cow named Maisie also enjoys a personal performance.

Maisie is a Jersey girl as shown by her perfect eyeliner eyes! And so after singing to Jenna yesterday, I figured my Jersey girl needs some of the Jersey natives, Bon Jovi, classic song Livin On a Prayer sung to her. She hasn’t adopted Jenna’s lay on me approach to enjoying music but it is clear from her expression and the fact that she didn’t get up and leave… that she likes being sung to too.

Thanks David Klass!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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