Thoughtful Man Builds Tiny Heated House for the Feral Cat Living in His Yard

A thoughtful man named Barna who is very good at construction, was concerned that a fearful feral cat that he named Domino, who lived in his San Francisco yard, was too exposed to the elements, so he built a simple yet very comfortable, tiny heated house so she could rest easy at night.

It was going to be a tough winter. The rains started and it gotten colder and colder I actually noticed that Domino was taking shelter under this overhang that we have. I thought I better build a little house for her. I’m a hobby woodworker so do it was right in my wheelhouse to do this for her.

He also put in a hidden camera to see how she reacted to it and he was surprised that other cats were taking advantage of the shelter. Seeing that they needed more space, Barna built a second, larger house to accommodate more feral cats.

The Red House came first (originally built for Domino), but as more ferals started to hang out I made the Blue House which is two story, has a larger footprint and features other improvements (such as a shingle roof)

Barna does this as a labor of love.

One night when one of the biggest storms of the year hit, I saw that two kittens actually took shelter in the house. That was one of the sweetest thing ever it’s just really gratifying to be able to make a positive impact on their lives.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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