Laughing Squid FAQ

Custom Engraved Wooden Coaster with the Laughing Squid logo by WoodLab Designs
photo by Scott Beale

What is Laughing Squid?

Check out our blog post on “What is Laughing Squid?” for a full breakdown. Please note that the correct name is Laughing Squid.

There is no preceding “The” or “.com” at the end. Also, it is two words, not one.

Here’s where the name “Laughing Squid” came from and a history of the Laughing Squid logo.

Where do you find more information about Laughing Squid’s WordPress hosting services?

Everything related to our web hosting operations can be found at Laughing Squid Hosting. If you have any sales or support questions, please enter a support ticket through our Help Desk.

Is there a way to receive Laughing Squid blog posts via email?

Sign up for our email list and receive a daily email with all the blog posts we publish.

How do you send a suggestion for the Laughing Squid blog?

Please use our Tips form for any blog suggestions.

How do you contact Laughing Squid?

Our contact info is listed on, well, you guessed it, our contact page.

What is the RSS feed for the Laughing Squid blog?

Here’s the RSS feed for Laughing Squid

How do you follow Laughing Squid on Social Media?

Here’s where you can find Laughing Squid on various social networks.

How do you purchase a Laughing Squid t-shirt?

We’ve partnered with Cotton Bureau to make our classic Laughing Squid t-shirt.

Where can you find any Laughing Squid press or media?

You can find all the coverage of Laughing Squid over the years on our Press and Media page.