A Big Orange Cat Jumps Into the Crib to Gently Wake Up His Human Baby Brother Every Morning

An orange cat named Wilbur helps his human animal rescuer Taylor Smith gently wake up her infant Griffin by jumping into his crib and ensuring he stays safe.

Wilbur helps me wake my baby up every morning tell me out at his door once he hears him and jump right on in the crib as soon as I would go to open that door he would bust through the corner of the door. Run and jump and pounce into that crib and he was always so gentle. And then he would just get in the crib and rub on the baby Griffin.

Taylor’s other six or seven cats also make sure Griffin is safe and entertained throughout the day.

Once my baby arrived the cats instantly became the best siblings. They came up and like lay next to him which was really sweet …they are all so amazing with him and protect him so much as well. He is practically being raised by cats. For bath time, one of them is always up on the ledge just kind of monitoring everything, on the playmat one of the cats is always there playing with the baby.

The Cats Thought the Baby Stuff Was For Them

When Smith was buying things to prepare for the baby, the cats thought she was providing stuff for them.

Before the baby actually arrived, my cats definitely thought all the baby stuff was for them. I thought to myself oh my gosh how is this going to be once the baby is here? As soon as we set up the bassinet,  Boey my Maine Coon jumped right into it and was just sitting in there getting rocked by this bassinet. Jetson my Maine Coon he would jump right into that Bouncer and he’d just sit there and nap

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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