Train Conductor Captures Intense Footage of His Train Caught in the Path of a Powerful Nebraska Tornado

Eric Carlisle, a train conductor who was working on a train near Waverly, Nebraska, captured truly intense footage of an EF-3 tornado as it approached and then hit his train. The train, which was stopped while waiting for a signal to continue, was directly in the tornado’s path. The powerful storm derailed 31 cars, however luckily nobody was hurt during this frightening episode

This happened while sitting stationary waiting for signal to continue westward. This happened during the afternoon hours on [April] 26th 2024. The Nebraska tornado outbreak. The tornado blew over and derailed 31 cars. The engineer and I were unharmed.”

Powerful Tornadoes Have Been Hitting the Midwest

Resident Monis Kamil filmed an incoming tornado from his home in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

“Recorded by me on my iPhone on 04/26/24 from my residence at approximately 4pm.”

Brothers Were Pulled Out of Their Home by the Tornado

Two brothers raced to safety as a deadly tornado approached their home in Elkhorn, a suburb of Omaha, Nebraska, on April 26, 2024, but neither brother made it to the basement. A tornado with at least 136 mph winds ripped the brothers out of their home and reduced it to rubble.

Storm Chasers Also Captured Tornadoes Up Close

Tornadoes Are Also Touching Down in Kansas

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