An Intricate Rube Goldberg Chain Reaction Machine That Feeds Squirrels and Other Small Backyard Critters

Creezy, who previously created an incredibly intricate Rube Goldberg chain reaction machine that followed a blue ball, found inspiration with Mark Rober and took his puzzle-making skills outside to feed the squirrels that populated his backyard. As it turns out, there were more than squirrels back there.

I built a chain reaction machine to feed the squirrels in my backyard. It turns out squirrels aren’t the only animals that eat seeds and nuts! Believe it or not, I first fed squirrels with a chain reaction machine back in 2017 on Instagram! Mark Rober and That’s Amazing inspired me to revisit this idea.

Here’s Mark Rober’s squirrel obstacle course.

Here’s the squirrel trick-shot by That’s Amazing.

Creezy had also previously built a squirrel maze in 2017.