Creative Cat Makes Clay Pottery With His Artistic Human

A very creative cat named Momo adorably throws clay with his artistic human Sophia Renata on a pottery wheel. Sophia holds Momo in place while his little paws sculpt unique, one-of-a-kind vessels. Their interaction is very reminiscent of the iconic pottery scene from the 1990 movie Ghost.

thank you for all of your love and support! momo and i are continuing to make lots of pottery …

The finished pieces are available for purchase through the Sophia and Momo website, although the first few batches have already sold out. Sophia has an email list to keep those interested in purchasing their pieces up to date.

Sometimes Momo Will Try to Paint the Pottery


momo paints a small planter with black slip #cat #pottery

? Palmtree Panic Slowed – ssempron

momo makes a planter with, not two, but three feet! #cat

? Choking on Flowers – Fox Academy


pottery by momo for sale soon #cat

? original sound – ?????????????

The Pottery Wheel Scene From ‘Ghost’

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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