Bark Air, A Luxury Charter Airline Specifically For Dogs

Bark teamed up with Talon Air to create Bark Air, a luxury charter airline that is specifically catered around the needs of dogs and their humans. On Bark Air, dogs sit freely in the cabin and have access to snacks, in-flight entertainment, grooming services and more. Dave Stangle, Bark’s VP of Brand Marketing spoke with Andrea Swindall of Inside Edition about this unique service.

Sure, some airlines welcome dogs on board. But on Bark Air, dogs are royalty. Bark has teamed up with a private charter company for a new era of dog-first travel. Bark Air has thought of everything to make the dog’s flying experience exceptional. And once aboard the flights, dogs live the good life.

It’s much more comfortable than flying under the plane in a crate, as CEO Matt Meeker discovered for himself.

Thousands of dogs can attest to the flying-in-a-crate experience: It sucks.That is why we shoved our CEO in a crate and put him in the cargo hold while our dog guests enjoyed a first class experience up top. Finally, dogs can fly the way they have always deserved: First.

via Nag on the Lake

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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