Cartoonist Animates the Pros and Cons of Her Two Favorite Cities: New York City vs Los Angeles

In March 2018, we posted an amusing video by cartoonist Lauren Lorenzo of the animated series eLL cartoons in which her father and 98 year old grandmother tried communicating with their Amazon Echo Alexa, without much success. The video rightfully went viral overnight, a phenomenon to which she amusingly responded. More recently, in more personal segment, Lorenzo used first person narration combined with animation to describe the pros and cons of two of her favorite cities; New York and Los Angeles.

This is Doodle Diaries, a segment where I pretty much doodle what’s going on inside of my head I know there’s been a war against which city is better. I started thinking about the differences between the East and the West. Pretty much everyone I know either lives in these two cities so if you’ve never been to one of these cities before you’re about to learn what they’re all about.