Cartoonist Hilariously Animates Her Father and 98 Year Old Grandmother Arguing With Amazon Alexa

Cartoonist Lauren Lorenzo of the monthly series eLL cartoons hilariously animated a rather passionate interaction that took place at the kitchen table between her father, her 98 year grandmother and a less than cooperative Amazon Echo that refused to answer any questions without being called by the proper name.

AMAZON ECHO IS RIPPING MY FAMILY APART!!!! DAMN YOU ALEXA!!!!! Dad and grandma haven’t seen this yet… I’m hoping they don’t get get really, really offended… That might rip the family apart even more…shit…oh well– I STILL BLAME ALEXA.

After she posted the cartoon, Lorenzo admitted to her father and grandmother that she head recorded them to make this cartoon. She showed them the video and asked them to react. Lorenzo’s father laughed a great deal, while her grandmother appeared to be a bit confused, but very proud of her granddaughter.

SoooOOoOOo, surprise, I did decide to tell my dad and grandma that I secretly recorded them playing with Alexa aka the Amazon fucking Echo… They um… well just watch. :-D

In 2017, Lorenzo posted a hilarious political conversation that also took place at the kitchen table. Needless to say, there was no shortage of opinions between the three.

“True Stories” is a series where I take audio from stupid family videos I’ve recorded in the past, and animate ’em into toons. It’s really fun, especially because my family had no idea they were being recorded in the first place…… i know i’m a creep.