French’s Mustard Flavored Hot Dog Buns

In honor of National Mustard Day on August 7, 2021, French’s Mustard has partnered with Plantedosi Bakery in Malden, Massachusetts to create a yellow mustard-infused hot dog bun. While the company has tried other pairings in the past with ice cream and beer, this savory bun with their traditional recipe baked right in seems to be a perfect match.

Yup, we actually mixed our tangy Classic Yellow® right into the dough. The result? The brightest buns your ‘buds will ever taste.

The mustard bun will be making its debut across the United States on August 7 and August 14, 2021.

Frenchs Mustard Buns Schedule

French’s Mustard has also posted a recipe to make a mustard challah bread at home.

Bake up some sun yourself! Challah dough gets a mustard mashup in this bun-tastic recipe.