Dogs Olive and Mabel Attempt New Hobbies During Their Spare Time in Lockdown With Their Human

While stuck in lockdown with their human Scottish broadcaster Andrew Cotter, dogs Olive and Mabel puttered about the house trying to figure out what to do with all their spare time. Olive tried a bit of baking with little success, while Mabel decided to learn to play music.

Olive and Mabel Lockdown Hobbies

While these hobbies were interesting enough, both dogs determined that they’d just rather go outside and play in the mud.

The hobbies of lockdown. Another week begins. Constantly trying to find entertaining activities for the youngsters.

More of Cotter’s wonderful adventures with Olive and Mabel are documented in the aptly named book Olive, Mabel & Me. Life and Adventures with Two Very Good Dogs, which is now available for purchase.

Now Cotter shares stories of his adventures with his loveable (and occasionally exasperating) canine companions in this beautifully written, touching and laugh-out-loud funny new book.

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Lori Dorn
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