Iconic Black Sabbath Riffs Played on a Guitar With All Strings Tuned to B

British musician Bloxsy, who previously performed The Beatles as Grunge, tuned all the strings on his guitar to B and performed a variety of Black Sabbath riffs from songs that he cleverly renamed for this experiment.

OK, I know it’s dumb but I had to go back and change all the titles. Just couldn’t resist. Here are (again) some classic Black Sabbath riffs with all strings tuned to ‘B’

Included are “Black Sabees” (“Black Sabbath”), “Symptom of the Bee Verse” (“Symptom of the Universe”), “Children of the Bees” (“Children of the Grave”), “The Wizard of Bees” (“The Wizard”), “Paranoid Bees” (“Paranoid”), “Into the Bee-Void” (“Into the Void”), and “Hand of Bees” (“Hand of Doom”).

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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