A Meta Parody of the Song ‘Alexander Hamilton’ With ‘Alfred Matthew Yankovic’ as the Title Character

We previously wrote about “Weird Al” Yankovic creating an incredible Polka version of the Hamilton soundtrack. A few days after that debut, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and “Weird Al” appeared together on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and lip-synched the polka version. Pretty soon, the whole touring cast was lip-syncing the “Hamilton Polka”.

With that “Weird Al” became part of the extended Hamilton history. The The Weird Alphabet put together a rather meta way to celebrate with a parody of the song “Alexander Hamilton” entitled “Alfred Matthew Yankovic”.

Alfred Matthew Yankovic.
My name is Alfred Matthew Yankovic.
I can’t find and rhyme for “Yankovic.”
But just you wait. Just you wait.