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The American Chemical Society Web Series ‘Reactions’ Explains Why Beers Become Skunked & How to Stop It

The American Chemical Society’s web series Reactions (see previously) explains why beers become skunked and how we can go about stopping it in their latest episode.

There’s nothing worse than reaching for a cold beer, taking that first sip and realizing your beer’s been skunked. Skunking is a chemical reaction that causes an awful, bitter taste. What can do to keep your brews from going bad? Quick answer: it’s all about light. Keep your beer in the dark, you won’t have to worry about skunking.

The Skunk, A Riot Control Aerial Drone Equipped With Four Paintball Guns

image via Desert Wolf

The Skunk is an octocopter aerial drone for riot control that is equipped with on-board speakers, “blinding lasers,” and four paintball guns. Each of the drone’s paintball guns can shoot 20 paintballs per second, allowing the drone to carpet an area with up to 80 paintballs per second from its 4,000-ball hopper. The drone can be equipped with a variety of ammunition including dye marker, pepper spray, or solid plastic balls. The Skunk is built by South African company Desert Wolf primarily for mine operators in Africa.

photo via defenceWeb

via Adafruit Industries

Photographs of Skunk Owners Holding Their Skunks

skunk fest

South Carolina-based animal photographer Vincent J Musi snapped this series of skunk owners holding their beloved pets as part of a recent National Geographic cover story on “exotic” pet ownership. The shots were taken in a makeshift studio set up at Skunk Fest, an event for skunk owners held each year in Ohio.

The idea was to photograph the same kind of animal and show the diversity of ownership. What does an exotic pet owner look like? As you can see, they are as diverse as the animals they love. Their relationship no different than one might hope to have with a dog or cat.

Skunk Fest 2014 will be held on September 13th in North Ridgeville, OH. The event includes skunk education, adoption and a skunk costume contest. Registration is $10 for the first skunk and $5 for each additional skunk. Non-skunk owners are invited to attend as well.

skunk fest



photos via National Geographic