A Revealing Three Part Mashup of 2020 Movie Trailers

Video editor Sleepy Skunk has released his annual movie trailer mashup for the dumpster fire we call 2020. Due to the unusual nature of this past year, several of the films may have gone unseen.

Happy holidays moviebuffs!

As with previous years, 2020’s mashup includes films from both big and small screen and is divided into three sections. “Part I – Let’s Rock” contains film trailers from the most bloody, spooky, and adventurous genres. “Part II – How Many Days While the Sun Shines” is all about touching moments showcased in film trailers (including Nomadland by Laughing Squid friend Jessica Bruder). “Part III – Your Life Is About to Start” focuses on individual goals, accomplishments, and survival.

The full list of films in the 2020 mashup is available on Sleepy Skunk’s site.

Trolls World Tour

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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