A Wonderful Tour of the Mendocino County Redwoods on a Two-Person Electric Bike That Rides on Train Rails

The team behind the Skunk Train in Northern California shared a wonderful ten minute video of a group experiencing the awesome beauty of the Mendocino County redwoods while pedaling an electric two-person bike with special wheels that ride directly on the rails.

Electric-powered and virtually silent, our custom-built, patent-pending, two-person railbikes will take you breezing along the world-famous Redwood Route. ..Pedaling along our historic tracks, bathed in dappled sunlight and a light breeze, you’ll experience new freedom on the rails, unlike anything else. 

Railbike tours need to be scheduled ahead of time and requires a guide present at all times.

All our Railbikes Explorer Packages include fare for two people on a side-by-side railbike, with a certified guide leading you on the historic Skunk railroad from the coast to Glen Blair Junction.

via swissmiss