Black and White Cat and Her Matching Kittens Adopt Orphaned Baby Skunk

In an adorable episode of the Animal Planet series Too Cute, an orphaned baby skunk named Duke finds a new family with a rescued black and white mother cat named Ruby and her matching kittens.

At this animal rescue center, a littler of black and white kittens have just been born. Duke the orphaned skunk is doing his best to fit in with his adoptive siblings.

One attention-seeking kitten named Moo didn’t seem too thrilled by Duke’s presence and became very competitive with him, but after a while, the two became the best of unlikely friends.

So Moo takes his kitten climbing advantage to the next level, forcing the skunk to surrender. But sometimes victory can be a little lonely and seeing his carefree brother playing down below, Moo decides to join him. And this competitive kitten finds that having a rival isn’t nearly as fun as having a chum to play with.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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