Rescued Crow Loves Cuddling With Her Human

An affectionate crow named Bloom, who was rescued as a baby, loves cuddling with her adopted human. This human told Geobeats that while it was love at first sight, life with a crow is can be challenging.

I got a message about Bloom 2 years ago from a vet friend of mine. She had a client who had found a baby bird and she didn’t know what to do about her. She asked me if I could take her in.It was just an instant click. She would roam around the house. It was her world and I was just living in it.

Bloom Loves Cuddling

Bloom lets her human know when she wants to cuddle.

She loves her space, but she also has moments when she’s like “oh I need to feel you here near me”. When that happens she just jumps on me, closes her eyes, and puts her head down. And I know that means it’s cuddle time and kisses.

Bloom Didn’t Want to Be Released

When her human tried to release her with other birds into the wild, Bloom decided that she’d rather stay at home.

I took her to a friend of mine on the mountainside he has an aviary.  …The plan was for her to make some new bird friend and hopefully get released and have a wild crow life. She refused to be released and after she became a little bit aggressive with the other crows I went to visit her and she immediately recognized me immediately came to me. I didn’t expect her to remember who I was or to have any desire to be close to me

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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