Trainer Teaches Pet Skunk to Do Dog Tricks

Humane animal trainer, Sierra Middleton of Bark Training in Orlando, Florida, has taught her pet skunk Elfo to do the same behavior tricks as her dog through clicker training.

Meet the animal lover who trained her pet skunk to do advanced tricks…Sierra Middleton, 26, bought her skunk, Elfo, from an exotic pet breeder in May 2022.

Elfo can do such things as heel/sit, spin, pull off socks on command, and open/close his crate with ease. Elfo has proved to be a willing student and even gets along with Middleton’s dogs. He is truly a part of Middleton’s family.

Her bond with Elfo is “super strong” – and she often lets him roam totally free around her house.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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