Woman With H.S.A.M. Shares What It’s Like to Be Able To Recall Every Day of Her Life in Perfect Detail

Rebecca Sharrock is an Australian writer, public speaker and one of 60 people in the world known to have been born with a phenomenon known as H.S.A.M. (highly superior autobiographical memory). As its name describes, H.S.A.M. or hyperthymesia gives Sharrock the incredible ability to recall any moment of her life in great detail at any time. Great Big Story spoke with Sharrok by phone to learn more about H.S.A.M., how it’s affected her life and about her earliest memory.

Rebecca is able to recall every single day of her life from 12 days old to present day with remarkable accuracy. With only 60 people diagnosed around the world, she’s one of a very few people blessed with the ability to never forget.