A Fun Interpretation of ‘When You’re Smiling’ Played on a Flat Ukulele With a Chopstick and Kazoo

Canadian musician and songwriter James Hill, who previously channeled Jimi Hendrix in a brilliant cover of “Voodoo Child” on a ukulele, used a different tact with his uke on a cover of the classic ballad “When You’re Smiling“. Instead of playing his ukulele like a guitar, he put it flat on his lap and picked it from above using a chopstick, giving the instrument a very different intonation than previously.

Video recorded live without looping or overdubs.

1 GString tenor-sized ukulele (tuning: high A – D – F# – B)
1 Edna microphone by Ear Trumpet Labs
2 Mackie SRM450 powered speakers
1 bass amp (15 inch)
1 line splitter (Radial ABY box)
1 bamboo chopstick
1 epic kazoo solo