‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Looks Just Like ‘Buddy Holly’ as He Fronts Weezer’s Music Video of the Toto Song ‘Africa’

Weird Al Weezer's Toto Buddy Holly

Several months after Weezer premiered their version of the Toto classic ““Africa” aka “the internet’s favorite song” at the behest of a teenage fan with a clever Twitter campaign, the group played a live version to an excited audience. In the middle of the song, special guest ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic jumped in on accordion. Since then, Weird Al’s continued his ride on the Weezer “Africa” train, this time fronting the band in the music video of the song, looking just like “Buddy Holly”. At first it was hard to tell, but then Weird Al broke out some of his signature moves and the illusion hilariously all but disappeared.