Tokkingheads, An Interactive Website That Merges Pictures and Videos to Generate AI Animated Photos

Rosebud AI has developed Tokkingheads, an interactive site where users can animate photos using artificial intelligence. The user can either upload their own photo or choose a template avatar. The user then moves to the second step where they can either upload their own video choose a pre-selected animation. The third step in the process combines the first two steps and generates an animated photo. Essentially any photo of a person can be merged with any video portraying any action to create a Tokkinghead.

Instantly animate any portrait photo with AI. Try it with portraits of friends, family, celebrities, paintings, and much more! Bring old family portraits to life or prank friends with a custom video of their favorite celebrity saying something funny. Make the portraits sing, say anything you want, or puppet their face like an Animoji.

Like “Deep Nostalgia” by My Heritage, Tokkingheads uses celebrity images to demonstrate the app’s capability. Included in this list is Billie Eilish rapping to Cardi B, Lana del Rey reading poetry, and Dwayne Johnson (“The Rock”) dancing to bluegrass, just to name a few.