Tiny Black Kitten Takes a Yummy Nap With Her Favorite Teddy Bear Inside a Cherry Pie Bed

A tiny black kitten named Bella complains a little when being woken from her yummy nap with her favorite teddy bear inside a cat bed that’s been made to look like a juicy cherry pie. According to her human, Bella absolutely loves this bed.

Little Bella was baked in a pie! This little kitten is so cute I could just eat her up! So that’s what I did I made a little kitten pie. Bella thought this was the best bed ever. Just the right size to curl up with her teddy bear and take a long nap.

Kitten Pie

It appears that Bella doesn’t only like sleeping in baked goods, she also enoys playing with them.

image via For Animated GIFs

via For Animated GIFs, Tastefully Offensive