‘The Santa Slayer’, German Armorer Makes a Powerful Slingshot From a Christmas Tree

Clad in a Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer sweatshirt and a great big smile on his face, German slingshot armorer Joerg Sprave, known for his “Gatling Slingshot Crossbow,” demonstrates his season-appropriate weapon “The Santa Slayer,” a powerful slingshot made from a Christmas tree. This is actually far more dangerous than it sounds but luckily, Jorge was more than happy just hitting the side of a barn, albeit several different times.

This time, we decided to weaponize the entire Christmas tree, simply by removing most of the branches except the tip, which works as fletching. A huge walkback slingshot launches the trees ad astounding speed. See how the fearful spears hit an oak board with big bangs, and then on to steel tipped versions…It is always amazing to see how very simple contraptions using rubber can be brutally powerful. The destruction potential of this weapon is absolutely frightening.