The Ongoing Adventures of Iris Grace, a Young Artist With Autism, and Her Dedicated Cat Thula

In 2014 we wrote about Iris Grace, an amazing young autistic girl with a talent for art and Thula, her equally amazing cat who brought the little artist out of her shell. Since that time, the formidable team of girl and feline have become the subject of a book and well known throughout the world. But to Iris Grace and Thula, their world is each other, as well demonstrated in the short film “Different is Brilliant“.

home video capturing Iris and Thula out on the bikes, on a boat, painting, in the garden and at home. Also featuring some footage that was taken in March 2015 during a project for Sony using their Action Camera, Iris and Thula swimming and out on adventures.

From Chapter 7'Thula must have become the cleanest cat for miles around, she bathed with…

Posted by Iris Grace Painting on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

'Iris Grace' will be published tomorrow ! is a short film of Iris and Thula at home…

Posted by Iris Grace Painting on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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