A Funny, Somewhat Off-Color Montage of ‘The Odd Couple’ Outtakes Compiled by Actor Jack Klugman

In 2005, actor Jack Klugman released a beautiful book about his friendship with co-star Tony Randall, which was aptly titled Tony and Me: A Story of Friendship. Included with the book was a DVD containing outtakes from The Odd Couple compiled by Klugman himself in memory of his dearest friend. Before rolling, Klugman gave a bit of background on what viewers were about to see.

…They shoot things upside down things get stuck together and you’re gonna see Tony and me hugging and kissing a lot. We did this to irritate the network executives. See they saw two guys living together and people will think we’re gay and in those days that would bring the ratings down. That’s why they put up the Pigeon sisters and that stupid beginning about why our wives left us.