Dublin Grocery Store Installs Glass Floor So Customers Can View an 11th Century Home Located Underneath

While a Lidl discount grocery store in Dublin, Ireland was being built, archaeologists discovered the remains of an 11th century medieval home that once stood in its place. Instead of razing the lot, the store decided to preserve the remains and share this wonderful discovery with its customers. The archeologists also discovered an 18th century pit-trap used by actors in a theater.

The store installed a glass section of the floor inside the store to showcase both historic items in order to give their customers an opportunity to look into their country’s past.

Shoppers at a new Lidl store in Dublin will get a unique insight into the city’s medieval past. The remains of an 11th century house are clearly visible beneath a glass section of the floor of the store on Aungier Street in the city centre.

via RTÉ