British Expat in Northern Japan Is Rudely Awoken by North Korean Missile Alarms

British expatriate Chris Broad of the series “Abroad in Japan” rather grumpily complained about being rudely awoken by a series North Korean missile alarms in true multimedia fashion during a stay in the town of Aomori. Not only were there audio alarms and text messages, but Broad was astounded that to find the television turned itself on by the third alarm.

I was just woken up a third time this time by the television switching itself on to report about the missile. I didn’t even know TVs could switch themselves on in Japan like that. In emergencies it probably makes sense but it’s annoying.

Broad also had some strong words for tourists who visit North Korea on holiday “for fun”.

This is what annoys me about all the people who go to North Korea on holiday because it’s so different and unique. Seeing a culture that’s so weird and strange like the 60s…every time you go to North Korea you’re funding a regime that butchers its own people that has hundreds of thousands of people locked away in concentration camps and fires missiles just stupidly and randomly at 6 a.m. in the morning

Here’s more serious reporting on the North Korean missile alarms.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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