A Beautiful Print That Turns the Colors of Iconic Album Covers Into Target Patterns Inspired by Vinyl Discs

“The Colour of Iconic Albums” is a beautiful music-themed litho print from the very creative people at Dorothy that combines the distinctive colors featured from the artwork on iconic album covers into a target pattern inspired by vinyl discs.

Dorothy’s new The Colour of Iconic Albums print distills the colours of 35 classic album covers from the last 60 years into simple ‘vinyl inspired’ graphic discs

This 70cm x 50cm print features such bands as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, New Order, The Beach Boys, Kraftwerk, and more. The print is available through Dorothy and a bundle with this print and their original print “The Colour of British Albums” that they created for the British Music Experience is also available.

We have also designed a special edition The Colour of British Albums…for our friends at British Music Experience which features album covers by solely British bands. The British Museum Experience is a not-for-profit museum based in our hometown of Liverpool (UK) that celebrates the history of British rock and pop music from 1950s to the present day.

The colour of Iconic Albums British and Open
Dorothy Color Chart Pink Floyd
Dorothy Color Chart Led Zeppelin
Dorothy Color Chart New Order
Dorothy UK Beach Boys Color Chart
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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