Vocal Parakeet Activates Siri to Ask About Chickens

An vocal little parakeet named Kiwi, who loves to imitate zippers whenever possible, uttered the phrase “Hey Siri” while sitting on his human’s iPhone, activating it in an amusing conversation that mostly focused on facts about parakeets and chickens.

Hey Siri, tell me about parakeets, then tell me about chickens

This was not the first time that Kiwi activated Siri. The first time, Kiwi’s human was surprised that he knew how to do that, although Kiwi had heard the phrase many times.

Kiwi…has heard me say “Hey Siri” many times in the house. I never intentionally taught him this, but eventually we started hearing him say “Hey Siri” at random. Later, we started hearing him also imitate the chime that happens after you say “Hey Siri” and let Siri respond. Tonight I caught him activating it on his own. I guess the register of his voice in imitation of mine is close enough for Siri to activate.