One Legged Athlete Josh Sundquist Turns Himself Into a Tail-Bouncing Tigger for Halloween 2017

Tigger Costume

Josh Sundquist, a Paralympian, motivational speaker and author who lost one of his legs to cancer when he was young, is known for his fabulous Halloween costumes that specifically address his missing limb. In the past, Sundquist has dressed up as an IHOP Restaurant sign, a foosball player, a one-legged lampshade, a half-eaten gingerbread man and a really clever flamingo, just to name a few. For 2017, Sunquist brilliantly dressed up as Tigger from the beloved classic children’s series Winnie the Pooh and bounced around on his “tail” in a room full of trampolines at Big Air Buena Park. Sundquist’s wife Ashley dressed up as the eponymous bear and best friend.