Musician Plays Guitar To Assist His Doctors While Undergoing Complicated Brain Surgery

A talented musician named Abhishek Prasad in Bangalore, India very bravely and ably played his guitar while undergoing complicated brain surgery to help relieve a particularly bothersome case of musician’s dystonia that left many of his fingers immobile. Prasad’s playing helped the doctors determine to locate the nerve that was restricting movement. Since his surgery, Prasad told the BBC that he is hopeful for the future.

[My] left hand and left leg felt a little weak now. But I will recover in a month’s time and then begin full-fledged practice.

Other musicians have notably performed during surgery. A Spanish musician played his saxophone during surgery for a brain tumor, a Brazilian musician undergoing a similar surgery previously played songs by The Beatles on his guitar while a Dutch opera singer performed an aria during a craniotomy.

via BBC