Austrian Filmmaker Visits Street Artist Masnah at His Famous NFT Wall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Austrian filmmaker Igor Pogany of NFT Life and Memento Media visited Columbian street artist Masnah at his famous NFT wall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where he spraypaints fungible replications of NFTs that are commissioned by various collectors. Pogany was interested in finding out how the idea originated, how the community has responded to the wall, and what it’s like to be in New York City at this moment in time. Masnah responded with a great deal of positivity.

It’s been kind of a renaissance of New York …it’s become a much more free city. A much more open city that gives space to art and something like the wall I’m doing. To just be able to do our work and not be persecuted. …so we’re painting with spray cans on the wall and we’re smoking and the police come by and they’re like “hey great job guys”. So it’s a beautiful world. It’s a beautiful moment to live in New York.

Masnah at the Williamsburg NFT Wall

New fungible NFTs have appeared on the wall since we last wrote about it.