Man Performs Emergency Tail Replacement Surgery on His Dog’s Favorite Toy


Cuarta intervención en 5 días a Tigretón. Se le ha reimplantado el rabo.Eeta vez ha necesitado transfusión.

? Cirugía – Mad Muasel

The compassionate human that belongs to dogs Elliot and Dido, carefully performed emergency tail replacement on Dido’s favorite toy, a little plush tiger. The man hooked an IV into the tiger’s arm and began surgery. Both Dido and the man were wearing masks, making it look like it was taking place in a real operating room. This was the fifth time the tail came off, so the tiger definitely needed fluids.

Fourth intervention in 5 days for Tigretón. His tail has been reimplanted. This time he has needed a transfusion.

Here’s Dido playing with the tiger before surgery.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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