Lucas the Spider Ponders an Interesting Specimen His Friend the Fly Brought Back From an Easter Egg Hunt

A delighted Lucas the Spider (previously) giddily gathered up colorful eggs that he collected around his yard during his first unintentional Easter egg hunt and lovingly placed them in a softly padded but rusty tin can where they’d be safe.

Look what I found! I found another! I keep finding these eggs everywhere. I think they’re lost. I’m gonna give them a home where they’re nice and warm.

The big-eyed fly who became Lucas’ friend also brought back his bounty, which was a rather unusual specimen.

Lucas and his friend are finding the strangest eggs… Happy Easter!

The Flys Egg Lucas the Spider

Both Lucas and the Fly jumped back quite a bit when this particular egg started moving on its own, but we’ll have to wait until Lucas’ next episode to find out what it is.

Lucas the Spider Easter Egg Hunt