Loren Coleman of the International Cryptozoology Museum Is Raising Funds to Pay His Medical Bills


Respected author, researcher and paranormal expert Loren Coleman, founder of the famous International Cryptozoology Museum in downtown Portland, Maine, is currently raising funds to help him pay bills that stemmed from a health crisis. Coleman founded the museum in 2003 in order to educate the public about “the study of hidden or unknown animals” and has been a labor of love made available to the same public whom he is now asking to help him move forward.

Like many older cryptozoology & Fortean authors/television personalities, embarrassed finances is not uncommon. Love and support has been there during my six operations during the last four years. My wife has been a savior, not working to take care of me. But realistically, unpaid medical and dental bills have caused definite challenges, lawyer-court involvements now, and troubles ahead without some donations to find a way back to fiscal stability and out of this health-caused crisis. I can’t pay the bills on Social Security. I’m falling behind and have lost time with all the health issues. Please assist with large and small donations to bring a less stressful time to bear, to help pay off these old medical bills, so I can write and share widely again. Thanks to my fans.

Here are some photos of our visit to his wonderful museum in 2014.


photos by Scott Beale