A Giant Mechanical Minotaur and Enormous Spider Invade the Streets of Toulouse, France for Three Days

La Machine, the incredible machine art group based in Nantes, France, have built a giant kinetic Minotaur named “Le Gardien du Temple” (The Guardian of the Temple). This new sculpture along with “La Princesse”, the stunning 50 foot high, 37 metric ton mechanical spider that attacked Liverpool in 2008, have invaded the streets of Toulouse for an ongoing three day performance.

The Guardian of the Temple shows a monumental machine dedicated to the city of Toulouse which will reinterpret, alongside a giant spider, the myth of Ariane. This show running from 1 to 4 November 2018 in the streets of Toulouse, a veritable natural labyrinth, is an introduction to the installation of the cultural and touristic equipment of La Halle de La Machine in the district of Montaudran around the historic runway of the air postal service now known as La Piste des Géants (the Runway of the Giants).

After the performance is over, the giants will come to rest at the inauguration of Le Halle de La Machine (Hall of Machines) on November 9-11, 2018 along the newly named La Piste des Géants in the Montaudran district of the city.