A Giant Fire-Breathing Mechanical Dragon Operated by 17 People Parades Through the Streets of Calais

La Machine, the incredible machine art group based in Nantes, France, who previously built a giant kinetic Minotaur named “Le Gardien du Temple” (The Guardian of the Temple) and the enormous mechanical spider named “La Princesse”, have created “Le Dragon de Calais”. This gorgeous mechanical fire-breathing dragon, which requires 17 people to operate, was paraded around the streets of Calais from November 1-3, 2019 before becoming a permanent resident of the city.

Freed from the subterranean worlds, the Dragon of Calais is heading for the city. This new creation built by La Machine Company will roam the city, manipulated by 17 people who give him life. This big show in the streets of Calais will be the festive prologue to the dragon’s public introduction as a «City Machine» : La Compagnie du Dragon.