Box Loving Cat in Utah Accidentally Gets Shipped to an Amazon Return Center in California

A beloved box loving calico cat named Galena climbed into a return package and was accidentally shipped to an Amazon center in Riverside, California, 650 miles from her home in Lehi, Utah. The journey took around six days. It was only when her humans, Carrie Stevens Clark and Matt Clark noticed that Galena had gone missing that she became concerned.

Luckily, Brandy Hunter, a quick thinking Amazon employee who loves cats, was called into work. She took Galena home with her, ensuring she was fed and given water, before calling a local vet to see if she was microchipped.

Today before work, I took this scared baby to the vet to see if she was microchipped. Thankfully, she is, so I was able to get in contact with her owners thru the microchip company and the vet’s office! Her owners are a couple from Utah, who it turns out are missing her something fierce and have been searching for her around their neighborhood and had posted missing cat posters everywhere.

The Clarks Got a Call That Galena Was Found

I got a call that changed everything. Her microchip was scanned, I was immediately notified via text and a vet called me to say they had Galena and she was in CALIFORNIA!! She had jumped/hidden in one of our Amazon return packages without us knowing. She was mailed to a return center in California and trapped in a box and trailer for 6 days.

The Clarks Thought It Was a Prank

When they got the call, they thought they were being pranked, as the story was too wild to be real.

ue to the length of time she has been gone, they were beginning to lose hope. We called from the vet’s office and at first she thought someone got her number from the missing cat poster and was pranking her because the story is so wild. She didn’t believe it that her baby was still alive and had traveled all the way to California until she spoke to me and I explained how and where I found her.

The Clarks Traveled to California to Retrieve Their Cat

The worried couple caught the first flight possible to get Galena home. Surprisingly, Galena was in great shape despite being in a box and trailer for over six days.

We met Brandy and were reunited with Galena at the vet!! Brandy told us Galena heard my voice when we walked in and she immediately reacted. Galena miraculously survived without water and food for six days. Her bloodwork was completely normal! Despite being skinnier she is completely unharmed ?

After getting the vets approval and a game plan Matt, Galena, and I packed up the rental car and drove 10 hours together back to Utah. We finally made it back home on Friday after traveling 1400 miles in 24 hrs to get our kitty back.

The Clarks Were Amazed By How It All Came Together

The “Cat in the Box” scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

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