Man Who Stops to Rescue a Lone Kitten on Road Gets Adorably Bombarded by The Rest of the Litter

US Army veteran JediWithAnM4 (Robert Brantley) quite compassionately stopped while driving in order to rescue a lone kitten on the side of a Texas road. As soon as he picked up the kitten, the rest of the litter emerged from the tall grass where they were previously hidden. Robert decided to put them all in his van, take them home, and give them a bath. He hopes to foster them and then find each of them a good home.

While driving home and I run across what I thought was a baby kitten by itself. Stopped, backed up, and found this mob! Wasn’t ready to take them but couldn’t leave them for dead either. So I loaded them up and brought them home where we’re working to get them healthy and get a good home.