A Minimalist Electric Guitar Built From IKEA Furniture

The self-taught Belgian hobby woodworker of tchiksguitars, who previously built a guitar out of a beautiful Sapele wood shelf, looked to the Scandinavian furniture giant IKEA for the materials for his next musical build. Not only did he use built-it-yourself shelves, but also a chair, a chopping board, and a baby’s crib to make a minimalist hollow body electric guitar that features wooden knobs and a beautiful treble clef design.

I think it sounds okay for a guitar made out of shelves, a chair and a baby cot.

He calls this his “Ultimate IKEA Hack”. And the specific name for the guitar is Vecnå.

The guitar started out as a joke. I remember going upstairs and telling my wife “I’m gonna make a guitar out of Zoé’s old bed”. She rolled her eyes to the ceiling and asked me “why”. Then I immediately thought “This is the way”. …Why Vecna you might ask ? Well, why not. I think it’s suiting for some reason.

Here are the materials used for the build.

Neck : STUVA cot

Body: HENRIKSDAL chair, LACK shelf

Fretboard: MÅLERÅS picture ledge

Knobs: APTILIG chopping board

Jack output plate: LILANGEN door handle

Strap buttons: KALLAX insert knob

24 frets – Lace Alumitone pickup – Split coil push/push (turns on an LED when engaged)

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