A Wide Eyed Animated Black Cat Walks Through the World in SAER’s Cover of ‘I Walk the Line’

In the powerfully enignmatic, animated music video for the SAER cover of the seminal Johnny Cash song, “I Walk the Line”, a wide-eyed black cat leaves the safety of home to wander through the monochromic maze of real world horrors before returning home again to curl up on a rug.

Step into a world of contrasts with the “I Walk The Line” music video. SAER’s rendition of Johnny Cash’s classic takes you on a journey through shadows and light. The black cat, with its enigmatic white eyes navigates the noir 1920s cartoon animation city, exploring the alleyways of sin and virtue.

The video was directed by Paul Griffith, who used AI enhanced backgrounds and Cash’s rocky history to fully illustrate the haunting lyrics of the song. The distinctive Behemot Cat was designed by Australian illustrator Alexandra Neville.

This is a cover of a Johnny Cash classic with a cinematic, dark twist. Can’t wait for you to see the amazing video from Paul Griffin with lots of nods to Cash’s life and experiences.

via Nag on the Lake