Helpful Step-by-Step Instructions Showing How to Safely and Properly Brush a Cat’s Teeth

Brushing Cats Teeth

Dr. Uri Burstyn, aka the Helpful Vancouver Vet, who demonstrated how to properly pick up a cat and how to safely approach a dog, very affably offered step-by-step instructions for properly brushing a cat’s teeth. Using his own cat Clawdia as an example, Dr. Burstyn shared how to get a cat accustomed to the process, how to introduce the toothpaste to the cat and the right amount of pressure to use while brushing, noting that this kind training is a time consuming process that can take a few months.

Clawdia helps Dr. Burstyn demonstrate that brushing a cat’s teeth can be easy and pleasant for everyone involved. It just takes patience and a step by step approach.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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