A Helpful Vancouver Vet Shows How to Properly and Safely Introduce Yourself to an Unfamiliar Dog

Proper Way to Greet an Unfamiliar Dog

Dr. Uri Burstyn, aka the Helpful Vancouver Vet, who showed how to properly pick up a cat, graciously demonstrated how one should properly introduce themself an unfamiliar dog. Dr. Burstyn first showed what not to do before what should be done.

If I want to approach a dog, I need to come down to their level. …Now, I first let him get a sniff of me and I keep my hand curled …if I have my fingers out they can be nipped…then I want to do is get under the chin and give a little scratch…if the dog draws back or looks alarmed, it’s probably a good idea to step back and say alright, this dog doesn’t really want to say hi to me at this time.