A Helpful Vancouver Veterinarian Demonstrates Several Ways to Properly Pick Up a Cat

Dr. Uri Burstyn, aka the Helpful Vancouver Vet, demonstrated several different ways in which to properly pick up a cat so that both feline and human feel safe because when it’s done wrong, the results can be very painful.

the key to picking up a cat safely is to make them feel supported, so I always pick up a cat with one hand under the chest one hand under the abdomen and then we can lift them up with of even force, gently so they’re not hanging down, they’re not flopping about. That way they’ll be comfortable and also that way you’ll be safe…though be sure their hind legs – they can do quite a bit of damage

Properly Pick Up a Cat

Dr. Burstyn also demonstrated how to properly support a cat who prefers to ride upon human shoulders.

Shoulder Cat