Incredibly Realistic Hand Gesture Candles

The aptly named CandleHand creates candles in the shape of incredibly realistic looking hands making a variety of recognizable gestures. The candles are made in Vilnius, Lithuania, are 100% natural, has a wick in each finger and come in a variety of primary colors. Among the hand gestures available are “Victory”, “Crossed Fingers”, “Gun Fingers”, “Fig Hand”, “You Rock”, “OK” and “FCUK You”

Our hand gesture candles are the same size as a real hand. Candles are fully solid and weight about 400 grams. Average candle burning time is over 20 hours. Wick of the candles goes through all candle height. All of our candles are the real copy of a real hand. High quality paraffin exactly repeats every line of skin texture. Only wick and the color reveals that this is a candle.

via The Awesomer