CGP Grey Grades the Flags of Canada

Forthright commentator CGP Grey, who previously graded the state flags of the United States, turned his sights northward to rate the flag of Canada and those of its provinces and territories. This video was originally for Grey’s subscribers.

Merry Christmas internet I’ve unwrapped one of the Bonnie Bees bonus videos for the holidays. It’s the Canadian flag tier list and even if you’ve seen it before, I’ve decorated it with, uh decorations.

Grey absolutely loved the Canadian flag as it conveyed a strong message of identity without the need for words, seals, or other unnecessary decoration.

Canada, you created the maple leaf as the most quintessential Canadian symbol by standing it out on bright red cut by white. Your design is so iconic it defined new vexillological vernacular. …You’ve set the national banner to duplicate.

The flags that scored the highest were the provinces of British Columbia and Nova Scotia, as well as the flag for the Nunavut Territory. Finishing at the bottom were the flags of Ontario and Manitoba, which he really didn’t like.

Let’s take a look at what you’ve done to compare, starting with the twins Ontario and Manitoba …I’m sorry they just look terrible. I mean you’ve got two flags on your flags never a good start … I get what you’re going for, and had all your siblings done the jack in arms kind of like Australia mostly, it could have been better but with only two of you and right next door it’s the worst of everything.

Canada Flag Grades
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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